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addressee n : one to whom something is addressed

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From address + suffix -ee, used for recipient of an action, probably from French suffix for past participles



  1. The person or organization to which something, such as a letter or message, is addressed, for whom the item is intended.


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In linguistics, an addressee is an intended direct recipient of the speaker's communication. A listener is either an addressee or a bystander.
Second-person pronouns refer to an addressee or a group including an addressee. An inclusive first-person pronoun refers to a group including both the speaker and the addressee, while an exclusive first-person pronoun refers to a group including the speaker but not the addressee.
A speaker can show politeness, familiarity, or a difference of social status to the addressee. This is called an addressee honorific. See also T-V distinction.
In postal terms, an addressee is the intended direct recipient of a letter or parcel.
addressee in Polish: Adresat (literatura)

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